Hopi/NAU Office
Department of Anthropology


This program will focus on the motivation and skills of our young people so that the will attain the technical and academic skills to impact the cultural survival of the Hopi people.
-Wayne Taylor, Jr. Vice Chairman, The Hopi Tribe

For us, the importance is that we cannot educate students - Hopi or students of other backgrounds - unless they have the opportunity to draw upon all of the cultural resources in the fabric of the society that we share. We have to learn from each other.
-Clara M. Lovett, President Northern University Arizona

Mission Statement
The mission of the Hopi/NAU program is to provide cooperative training, education, and recruitment between the Hopi Tribe and Northern University Anthropology Department. the program seeks to provide opportunities for Hopi, other Native American, and Northern Arizona University students to pursue career goals in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, and other disciplines related to Hopi cultural preservation.

One of the goals of Northern Arizona University is to be recognized as a national leader in providing educational opportunities for Native American students, service to Native American tribes, and research in contemporary Native American policy issues.
Areas of Study
The goal of cultural preservation at Hopi is to maintain the knowledge and continuity of a living culture. Avenues to maintain this continuity include traditional approaches as well as modern technologies. Areas of study that further cultural preservation to Hopi include:

* Archaeology
* Applied Anthropology
* Linguistics (Language preservation)
* Cultural Resource Management
* Physical Anthropology
* Ethnography/Ethnology
* Ethnohistory
* History
* Ethnobotany/Biology
* Natural Resource Management
* Computer Sciences/Data Management
* Communications
* Education
* Legal Studies
* Library Sciences
* Museums


* Work-study positions at NAU
* Archaeology and Applied Anthropology opportunities with the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
* Internships with other educational programs and institutions, museums, and federal agencies
* Applied work in cultural resource management and college credit
* Assistance to students pursuing specific research interests that further the goal of preserving Hopi culture

Who can participate?
Participation is open to Hopi students at all educational levels who have interest in issues related to Hopi cultural preservation.

Participation will be selected based on academic performance, student and parental commitment, and a letter identifying interest and professional intent.

For further information and to apply, please contact:

Michael Yeatts
Hopi/NAU Office
PO Box 15200, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(520) 523-6573
Dr. Christian Downum
NAU Anthropology Department
P.O. Box 15200, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(520) 523-6275
Leigh (Jenkins) Kuwanwisiwma, Director
Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
PO Box 123, Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
(520) 734-2244, (520) 523-6573
Dr. Miguel Vasquez
NAU Anthropology Department
P.O. Box 15200, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(520) 523-9506


* To recruit and support Hopi students with interests in Hopi cultural preservation
* To provide practical experience in research involving archaeology, cultural resource management, applied anthropology, and related disciplines
* To provide opportunities to Hopi students and other program participants for valuable experience in the fields related to the preservation of Hopi culture
* To support Hopi and other program participants in achieving their undergraduate and graduate educations

NAU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution